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Commands for 
 OS (version 5.0 to 7.1) devices

Specify device password and lock
This command lets you create a device password, then locks the device. You must create a password that complies with existing password rules. If you or a user turned on two-factor content protection, you cannot use this command.
Delete only work data
This command deletes work data, including the IT policy, email messages, contacts, and work service books that are on the device. All personal data remains on the device.
Delete all device data
This command permanently deletes all user information and application data that the device stores, and returns the device to factory defaults. 
You can send this command to a device that you want to distribute to another user, or to a device that is lost and that the user might not recover.
Resend service books
This command resends service books to a device. Service books specify which services are available on a 
 OS device.
Resend IT policy
This command resends the assigned 
 OS IT policy to a device.