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Setting up factory reset protection for 
Android Enterprise

You can set up a factory reset protection profile for your organization’s 
Android Enterprise
 devices that have been activated using the 
Work space only
 activation type. This profile allows you to specify a user account that can be used to unlock a device after it has been reset to factory settings. Benefits of creating this profile include the ability to unlock a device if the user has forgotten the 
 account credentials that are associated with the device or if the original device user is no longer in your organization.
There are three options available when you set up this profile for devices that have been reset to factory settings:
  • You can disable factory reset protection if users don't need to validate the  
     account credentials of the last user that used the device
  • Users can use the 
     account credentials that are associated with the device 
  • You can specify the 
     account credentials that the user can use when they set up the device
 recommends that you only implement this profile with 
 credentials that are specified by an administrator after you fully understand the device user experience.