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Activate multiple devices using
KNOX Mobile Enrollment

Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment
allows you to activate large numbers of devices in
BlackBerry UEM
at one time. For more information, visit knox-mobile-enrollment.
You need to purchase devices from one of the following:
  • An approved reseller
  • A reseller that is willing to share the device IMEIs directly with Samsung
  1. On the menu bar, click
    Settings > External integration
  2. Click
    KNOX Mobile Enrollment
  3. Complete the steps on the screen.
After you have completed the activation, click
to download the configuration.json file. In the file, compare the entry in the CFPrint section with the entry that you added when you configured
KNOX Mobile Enrollment
. If the entries are different, copy the entire text from the .json file into the Custom JSON Data field on the
KNOX Mobile Enrollment