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 devices in DEP and assign them to the 
BlackBerry UEM

To register the devices, you must enter the device serial numbers in the 
Apple Business Manager
 or DEP Portal and assign the devices to the 
BlackBerry UEM
 server. You can enter the serial numbers in the following ways:
  • Type in each number
  • Select the order number that 
     assigned to the devices when you purchased them
  • Upload a .csv file containing the serial numbers
BlackBerry UEM
 to use DEP. For more information, see the Configuration content. 
  1. In a browser, type
  2. Sign in to your 
    Apple Business Manager
     or DEP account.
  3. In the 
    Device Enrollment Program
     section, click 
    Manage Devices
  4. Follow the steps to enter the serial numbers for the devices.
  5. Assign the serial numbers to the 
    BlackBerry UEM