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Managing wearable devices

You can activate and manage certain 
 based wearable devices in 
BlackBerry UEM
. Wearable devices, such as smart glasses provide users with hands-free access to visual information such as notifications, step-by-step instructions, images, and video and allow users to issue voice commands, scan barcodes and use GPS navigation. 
BlackBerry UEM
 supports the following wearable devices:
  • Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses
To manage wearable devices, follow the instructions for 
 devices. The following 
BlackBerry UEM
 features are supported for wearable devices:
  • Device activation using a 
    QR Code
  • IT policies
  • Wi-Fi, VPN, enterprise connectivity, compliance, and certificate profiles
  • BlackBerry Secure Connect Service
  • Device commands
  • App management
  • Device groups
  • Location services
Wearable devices use the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
 for activation. You can activate wearable devices using a QR code instead of an activation password. For more information, see Activate a device using a QR Code.