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View the status of apps and app groups assigned to user accounts

  1. On the menu bar, click
  2. Under
    Applied users
    for the app or app group that you want to view, click the number.
  3. Click
    Assigned to
    to view the user accounts that this app is assigned to.
  4. View the
    column to verify whether the app or app group was assigned directly to the user account or to a group.
  5. View the
    column to verify whether an app is installed on a device. The following are the possible statuses:
    • Installed
      : The app is installed on the user's device.
      devices with the
      User privacy
      activation type, this status indicates only that installation was initiated.
      BlackBerry UEM
      can't confirm if the app remains installed on the device.
    • Not installed
      : The app has not been installed on the user's device or has been removed from the user's device.
    • Cannot be installed
      : The app is not supported on the user's device.
    • Not supported
      : The device's OS does not support this app.