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BlackBerry UEM
 to your organization’s 
Entrust IdentityGuard
 server to use smart credentials

If your organization uses derived smart credentials managed by 
Entrust IdentityGuard
, you can use derived smart credentials with 
 devices and 
BlackBerry Dynamics
Contact your organization’s 
 administrator to obtain the following information:
  • URL of the 
    Entrust IdentityGuard
  • Name of the smart credential to be activated on devices as specified in 
    Entrust IdentityGuard
  • Entrust
     CA certificate to send the certificate to devices
  1. On the menu bar, click 
  2. Click 
    External integration > Certification authority
  3. Click 
    Add a connection for Entrust smart credentials
  4. In the 
    Smart credential name
     field, type the name of the smart credential specified in 
    Entrust IdentityGuard
  5. In the 
    Entrust URL
     field, type the URL of the 
    Entrust IdentityGuard
  6. Click