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BlackBerry Dynamics

BlackBerry UEM
 creates jobs to process and complete complex tasks for 
BlackBerry Dynamics
BlackBerry UEM
 maintains a queue of jobs and processes them based on the order in which they were created. A 
BlackBerry UEM
 instance must complete the current job it is handling before processing the next job from the queue. If the domain includes multiple instances of 
BlackBerry UEM
, any instance that is not already handling a job can start the next job in the queue.
Using the management console, you can view the details of jobs that are in progress or completed (for example, the name of the instance that processed the job, the job type, the start and end time, any errors that occurred, and so on). You can also manually delete job records from the management console.
If you want 
BlackBerry UEM
 to automatically delete job records after a specific number of days, you can configure the 
BlackBerry UEM
 properties. For more information, see the Configuration content.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click 
    Settings > BlackBerry Dynamics
  2. Click 
  3. Perform any of the following tasks:
    View the details of a job.
    Click a job.
    Delete job records.
    You cannot retrieve a job record after it is deleted. Deleting the record of a job that is in progress does not prevent the job from completing successfully.
    1. Select one or more jobs.
    2. Click  .
    3. Click 
    Delete all job records that are older than a specified number of days.
    The following task deletes all job records older than the specified number of days, even those that cannot be viewed on the Jobs screen (for example, 
    Active Directory
     synchronization jobs).
    1. In the 
      Delete jobs after
       drop-down list, click the appropriate number of days.
    2. Click