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Setting console login options

You can specify how administrators and users authenticate with the 
BlackBerry UEM
 consoles and the login notices that appear after users and administrators log in.
You can allow administrators and users to log in using the following authentication methods:
Authentication option
Single sign-on
If you connect 
BlackBerry UEM
Microsoft Active Directory
, you can configure single sign-on authentication to permit administrators or users to bypass the login webpage and access the management console or 
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
If single sign-on is enabled, 
BlackBerry UEM
 does not request a password or certificate to log in.
Directory-based authentication
If you connect 
BlackBerry UEM
 to your company directory
, administrators and users can log in using their directory credentials.
Local password-based authentication
Local administrators and users can authenticate with a username and password.
Certificate-based authentication
You can set up certificate-based authentication so that administrators and users can log in using an authentication certificate.