Activate an Android Enterprise device without a Google Play account Skip Navigation

Activate an 
Android Enterprise
 device without a 
Google Play

To activate a device without a 
Google Play
 account, the device that you want to activate must be reset to factory default settings. The device downloads the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
 which is used to activate the device with 
BlackBerry UEM
  • You must have a secondary device that has the 
    BlackBerry UEM Enroll
     app installed.
  • Both devices must have NFC enabled.
  1. On the device that you want to activate, if you do not see the device setup Welcome screen, reset the device to factory default settings.
  2. On the secondary device, open the 
    BlackBerry UEM Enroll
     app. Make sure that NFC is enabled. 
  3. Tap 
    Activate device
  4. Tap the backs of both devices together.
  5. On the device that you want to activate, follow the instructions on the screen to download and install the 
    BlackBerry UEM Client
  6. Read the license agreement. Tap 
    I Agree
  7. Tap 
     to allow 
    UEM Client
     to make and manage phone calls.
  8. Type your work email address. Tap 
  9. If necessary, type the server address. Tap 
    . You can find the server address in the activation email message you received or in 
    BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
  10. Type your activation password. Tap 
    Activate My Device
  11. Wait while the profiles and settings are pushed to your device. 
  12. On the 
    Set up your device
     screen, tap 
    Accept & Continue
     and wait while the work profile is set up.
  13. On the 
    Unlock selection
     screen, choose an unlock method.
  14. On the 
    Secure start-up
     screen tap 
     to require a password when the device starts.
  15. Type a device password and type it again to confirm it. Tap 
  16. Select one of the options for how you want your notifications to show. Tap 
  17. If you are prompted, tap 
     to allow the connection to 
    BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
     and wait while the connection is turned on.