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Activate your iOS device

Nine simple steps to activate your device

Image of installing UEM Client from the Google Play store

1. Search for and install the UEM Client

In the App Store, install the BlackBerry UEM Client.

2.  Open the UEM Client

Accept the License Agreement, then activate your device by QR Code or by typing in your work email address, your server address (if needed), your username (if needed), and your activation password. You can find the QR Code (if your administrator has enabled it) and other information in the activation email sent by your administrator.

Image of UEM Client password page

3. Create a UEM Client password

You may be asked to create a UEM Client password. If you are using BlackBerry Dynamics, you will also use this password to activate and access all of your BlackBerry Dynamics apps.

Image of Send Notifications pop-up message

4. Allow the UEM Client to send notifications

Image of Website downloading a configuration profile pop-up message

5. Download a configuration profile

Allow the iOS mobile device management website to download the profile.

Image of profile downloaded in settings

6. Install the configuration profile

In your device settings, tap Profile Downloaded or tap General > Profiles and Device Management and tap on the UEM profile. Follow the screen prompts to install the BlackBerry UEM configuration profile.

Image of UEM Client on device home page

7. Open the UEM Client again

Image of UEM Client home page

8. That's it!

Congratulations, you have successfully activated your iOS device with BlackBerry UEM!

Tip: If pop-up requests appear, allow UEM to install apps such as BlackBerry Connectivity.

For more information on activating your device with the UEM Client, take a look at the UEM Client User Guide.