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How does continuous authentication work?

As a user uses the 
BlackBerry Work
 app, the app sends behavioral data and events to the 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 services, including the user’s typical physical interactions with the app (scrolling, swiping, and so on) and frequently used device and app features (copy, screen shot, reply all, and so on).
The services use this information to train and develop a reliable usage model for the user based on established patterns of activity. The model is dynamic and based on the user’s last 30 days of activity (you can change the data retention period). It can take some time to create a user’s initial model as the services collect sufficient data.
BlackBerry Work
 reports behavior or app events that do not fit a user’s established model, 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 immediately triggers a reauthentication prompt in the app. The user must successfully authenticate and prove their identity if they want to continue using 
BlackBerry Work
 or any other 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 app on the device. If the user authenticates successfully, their risk level is reduced.
This reauthentication in response to anomalous use is a direct and immediate way to protect users from malicious attempts at accessing valuable work data.