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Adapting device behavior in a defined geozone

Evan is in Vancouver on vacation. He has brought along his work device, an 
 phone, so that he can keep up on his emails. Because he is currently located outside of the range of his typical learned geozones, the 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 services assess his geozone risk level to be high. As a result, the 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 policy that is applied to Evan’s device takes effect and assigns Evan to a group with more restrictive device policies and profiles. His access to work apps and intranet sites is very limited and he has to sign in to work apps with both a password and 
BlackBerry 2FA
Evan decides to spend one day of his vacation visiting his company’s Vancouver office so that he can meet a few coworkers and attend an important meeting. A 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 administrator has created a defined geozone for the Vancouver office and configured it with a static low risk level.
While Evan is visiting the office, the 
BlackBerry Intelligent Security
 policy executes the group assignment that Evan's administrator configured for this low-risk office location. Evan has unrestricted access to his work apps and intranet sites, and he can use single sign-on authentication for his work apps.