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BlackBerry Intelligent Security

Dynamically adapt device and app security to each user's real-world context

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BlackBerry Intelligent Security

BlackBerry Intelligent Security collects data from BlackBerry mobile solutions and uses machine learning to determine a user's current risk level. The service then takes action to adapt device and app behavior to that level of risk. For example, if a user's current risk level is high, BlackBerry Intelligent Security can limit the user's access to work apps and disable certain device features. BlackBerry Intelligent Security is an innovative solution that protects the integrity of work data by dynamically responding to a user's real-world context.  

Note: In an upcoming release, BlackBerry Intelligent Security will be rebranded as BlackBerry Persona.

Getting Started

Setup and Administration

Legacy Mode Setup and Administration

If you implemented BlackBerry Intelligent Security before March 2020 and you are using the policy compatibility mode "Use policies created in UEM", use the Administration Guide below for all setup and management instructions. See Policy compatibility mode for more information about changing the compatibility mode so you can benefit from the latest features and enhancements.

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