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What's new in

  • Modern authentication enhancements
    now supports modern authentication in hybrid
    Microsoft Office 365
    and on-premises
    Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Log compression enhancements
    : You can now specify a delay of up to 1440 minutes (24 hours) before rotated log files are compressed. 
  • "BEMS Presence Keystore File Location" field is deprecated in BEMS Presence
    : In
    CM IM and
    server environments, the
    service references the default Java cacerts keystore for certificates. Environments that upgrade from an earlier version of
    , and used an alternate keystore for third-party certificates, must copy the certificates from the custom keystore to the default Java cacerts keystore. For more information on how to move
    certificates from a custom certificate keystore to the
    JAVA_HOME keystore, visit to read article 73128.
  • Logging enhancements
    : The BEMS log files now log the request-id. In the event of a generic subscription failure (for example, delayed notifications), this logging helps
    BlackBerry Technical Support Services
    to diagnose and fix the issue.
  • Contact Service API for developers
    : The Contact Service API now supports additional contact values (for example, businessphone2, home fax, and car phone).
  • Software requirements
    Microsoft Lync Server
    2010 is no longer supported.
    Future releases of
    will no longer support the following:
    • Skype for Business Online
      . For more information, visit to read article 73967.
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
      IM and Presence Service 11.x and earlier.

Supported upgrades

  • BEMS
    3.1 >
  • BEMS
    2.13 >
For more information on upgrade paths, visit to read article 53472.