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Define the app client

Your customer’s 
 administrator must complete this task using the 
BlackBerry Online Account
 that is associated with the organization’s 
The third-party developer must configure the app resources in BlackBerry Online Accountdevelop the client app, and provide the information required to define the client.
  1. Log in to the BlackBerry Online Account that is associated with the organization’s 
  2. On the menu, click 
     On the 
     tab, edit the third-party app that was entitled to your organization.
  3. Click 
    Add Client
  4. Specify the required information provided by the third-party developer.
    Example for
    • Client Name
      : BB Sample 3rd Pary OnPrem Client
    • Tenants
      : Select the 
       tenants that the client app will contact to invoke the REST APIs.
  5. Click 
The client ID (and if applicable, the client secret) is generated. The client app will use the client ID and either a client secret or private key (depending on the configuration set by the third-party developer) to connect to the 
BlackBerry Web Services
  • Refer to the developers instructions for how app users can configure the app to use the client ID and client secret (for client_secret_basic token endpoint authentication) or the client ID and a private key (for private_key_jwt token endpoint authentication).
  • The 
     administrator enables the app in UEM.