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Enable and authorize the app in 

 administrator must complete the steps below to authorize the client app with 
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
 (the token issuer) and 
BlackBerry UEM
 (the provider of the 
BlackBerry Web Services
  1. In the 
     management console, on the menu bar, click 
    Settings > BlackBerry Enterprise Identity > Services
  2. In the 
    OpenID Connect
     apps table, click 
  3. Click the app name that was added in 
    BlackBerry Online Account
  4. Complete the prompts and add the app.
  5. Click 
    Settings > Administrators > Web service clients
  6. Select the client in the table.
  7. Select an administrator user to map to the client app.
Compile and run the app to verify that it can invoke the 
BlackBerry Web Services
If you’ve used one of the sample apps to complete the tasks in this section, you can compile and run the sample app with the following arguments:
-c <arg> Client id -cs <arg> Client secret -t <arg> Tenant id -uem <arg> UEM endpoint
-c <arg> Client id -pk <arg> Path to the private key pem file -t <arg> Tenant id -uem <arg> UEM endpoint