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Configure the app resources in 
BlackBerry Online Account

Complete this task in your 
BlackBerry Online Account
  • Add the details of the app (name, description, entitlement ID, version, capabilities)
  • Create a client template that defines the default settings for all clients that belong to the app; your customer will use this template to define an app client
  • Entitle the app to your customer so they can define an app client
For all tasks that involve the use of 
BlackBerry Online Account
, see the BlackBerry Online Account User Guide for complete instructions.
  1. Log in to BlackBerry Online Account and navigate to your organization.
  2. On the menu bar, click 
    . On the 
     tab, click 
    Add Application
  3. Specify the app details. In the 
     section, select the 
    BlackBerry Platform APIs
     check box only (unless you are making changes to an existing app that uses other capabilities). For example:
    • Name
      : BB Sample 3rd Party OnPrem App
    • Entitlement ID
    • Entitlement version
    • Type
      : Application or Solutions
    • Capabilities
      : BlackBerry Platform APIs
  4. Click 
    Add Application
  5. On the 
    BlackBerry Platform APIs
     tab for the app, on the 
     tab, click 
    Add Template
  6. Specify the template details. Specify or select the following options:
    • Redirect URLs
      : the app web page address that 
      BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
       will invoke as a browser redirect for user authentication (for example, https://localhost:9443/cb)
    • Type
      : web
    • Grant Type
      : recommend authorization_code or authorization_code,refresh_token
    • Response Types
      : code
    • Token Endpoint Auth Method
      • To generate a client secret code, click client_secret_basic. The code is generated when your customer defines the app client.
      • To require the generation of a public/private key pair (the public key is registered when the customer defines the app client), click private_key_jwt.
    • Application Scope
      : Organization (this allows your customer to define the app client in their 
      BlackBerry Online Account
    • API Scopes
      : Mobile Device Management
    The sample demonstrates the use of the authorization_code grant type with the use of a refresh token that can be used to request a new access token from 
    BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
     on expiry. The refresh token expiry is 1 year, and it must be stored securely. A new refresh token is provided with a new access token.
  7. Click 
  8. On the menu, click 
    Manage Customers
  9. Click a customer.
  10. In the 
    Publishing Status
     column, click the 
     check box to entitle the app to your customer.