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Installing the Base plug-in

The Base plug-in (
) is the main and most important plug-in because it adds the configuration that enables the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
in your app. All of the other plug-ins depend on the Base plug-in.
The Base plug-in supports the "mailto:" URL scheme (RFC-2368 and RFC-6068) to allow the app user to compose email messages. To create the email message, the app will use a secure email service provider such as
BlackBerry Work
, if available, or a native email application, if available and allowed by the enterprise policy.
By default, the Base plug-in does not support email attachments. You can add the MailTo plug-in (
) to enable email attachments.

Example: Installing the Base plug-in

cd BlackBerry_Dynamics_for_Cordova_
/plugins cordova create
cordova plugin add ../cordova-plugin-bbd-base