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Data Leakage Prevention

BlackBerry UEM
or standalone
Good Control
administrator can use Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) settings in
BlackBerry Dynamics
profiles (
) or security policies (
Good Control
) to configure data protection standards, including enabling or disabling copy and paste between
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps and non-
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps, screen captures, dictation, FIPS, and more.
Contact your organization’s administrator to configure DLP standards as necessary for your custom
BlackBerry Dynamics
Note the following for the different platforms of the SDK:
SDK platform
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android
The SDK provides the following classes to manage the secure copy, cut, and paste of data: ClipboardManager, GDTextView, GDEditText, GDAutoCompleteTextView, and GDSearchView. The secure copy-cut-paste sample app demonstrates uses of the secure clipboard.
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS
BlackBerry Dynamics Runtime
can secure or block text in transit to or from the clipboard, depending on the configuration of the DLP settings. The Runtime secures text by encrypting it when it is cut or copied to the clipboard and decrypting it when it is pasted. These operations are handled automatically by the Runtime, so no development changes are required.
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Cordova
You do not need to make any development changes to support DLP for
apps for
. Note that for
apps, secure cut, copy, and paste is currently blocked.