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Add .aar files if you installed the SDK manually

If you installed the
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
, note the location of the m2repository directory and complete the following steps:
  1. Define the path to the .aar files in the build.gradle repositories block. For example:
    allprojects { repositories { maven { url '/path/to/m2repository' } //other maven URLs ... } }
    You can define the URL in the file to avoid VCS conflicts.
  2. Add
    compile dependencies in the format
    . For example:
    dependencies { api 'com.blackberry.blackberrydynamics:android_handheld_platform:' }
    The following artifacts are included in the SDK:
    • android_handheld_platform
    • android_handheld_backup_support
    • android_handheld_blackberry_protect_support
    • android_handheld_gd_safetynet
    • atsl