Install the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK with the Android SDK Manager Skip Navigation

Install the 
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 with the 
Android SDK

Visit BlackBerry Developer Downloads to download the SDK package. When you click the link, you are prompted to log in to the Developer site with your 
BlackBerry Online Account
. If you don’t already have an account, you can register and create one.
  1. Start the 
    Android SDK
     Manager and follow the steps detailed in Getting Started with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android on the BlackBerry Developer website.
In the 
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 version 4.0 and later, there is a change to the extracted folder structure in the extras/blackberry/dynamics_sdk folder. At this level there is now an m2repository/ folder for .aar distribution and an sdk/ folder that contains the original .jar distribution and resources. If you are updating the SDK to version 4.0 or later, you must edit your settings.gradle files as necessary to account for the extra sdk/ folder at this level.