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Using an obfuscation tool in your build and release process

After your app is fully tested and ready to deploy, it is recommended that you use an obfuscation tool as part of your formal build and release process. It is a best practice to use 
 because it is the default obfuscation tool for 
For more information about the code obfuscation configuration and sample code that you can use, see the Build-Time Configuration appendix in the 
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android
 API Reference.
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 uses Platform APIs, some of which rely on an API level later than the current minimum supported API level. A target SDK below the latest API level might throw warnings. The 
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 ensures that the appropriate runtime checks are made before it attempts to use an API. You can ignore warnings about APIs that aren't found in 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 SDK classes with