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Add .aar files for the SDK libraries

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
libraries are available in the SDK package as .aar files that can be published to an internal repository. The files are found in m2repository/com/blackberry/blackberrydynamics.
  1. Define the path to the .aar files in the build.gradle repositories block. For example:
    allprojects { repositories { maven { url '/path/to/m2repository' } //other maven URLs ... } }
    You can define the URL in the file to avoid VCS conflicts.
  2. Add
    compile dependencies in the format
    . For example:
    dependencies { api 'com.blackberry.blackberrydynamics:android_handheld_platform:' }
    The following artifacts are included in the SDK:
    • android_handheld_platform
    • android_handheld_backup_support
    • android_handheld_blackberry_protect_support
    • android_handheld_gd_safetynet
    • atsl