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Using the
BlackBerry AppSecure SDK
API reference

BlackBerry AppSecure SDK
API reference describes how to use the principal interfaces, packages, and classes of the SDK:
The following table highlights key sections of the API reference:
SecurityControl Class Reference
Initializes the
BlackBerry AppSecure SDK
library within your app so that threats can be detected and alerts can be provided.
AppAuthentication Class Reference
Methods to set, change and enter an application password and manage biometric authentication.
AppIdentity Class Reference
Provides a various app identifiers that can be used to determine if the user's session is originating from the same app instance and device when authenticating with the application server.
ThreatStatus Class Reference
Provides details about security threats related to the device, app, network, and user.
ContentChecker Class Reference
Detect potentially malicious URLs or IP addresses to protect users from malicious websites, phishing attempts, malware, adware, and other web sources that pose a threat to your data.
ContentCheckerRules Class Reference
Configure rules that change how the SDK detects malicious URLs and IP addresses.
DeviceChecker Class Reference
Perform security checks on the device to identify potential security risks.
DeviceSecurityRules Class Reference
Control which device security checks are evaluated when enableSecurity or checkDeviceSecurity are called.
DeviceSoftwareRules Class Reference
Configure a check for a minimum
security patch level and OS version. If the device does not meet these requirements it is considered unsafe.
MalwareScanRules Class Reference
Configure rules that control how the SDK detects malware on an
ManageFeatures Class Reference
Retrieve the status of a security feature and enable or disable features.
ManageRules Class Reference
Configure and manage security rules.
Store app data in the
secure file system.
PasswordUtility Class Reference
Check the strength of passwords.
Preferences Class Reference
Manage shared preferences in the
secure data store.
DataCollectionRules Class Reference
Enable anonymous data collection to help
improve the features of the
BlackBerry AppSecure SDK
Diagnostics Class Reference > void uploadLogs (LogsUploadFinishedListener listener)
Send recent logs to