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Register the identity provider for your app

BlackBerry AppSecure SDK
reuses the existing user identity within your application to facilitate getting the latest security threat information from the
Cloud. The library works with your user identity and management systems to provide strong authentication and authorization.
In practice, an
OpenID Connect
Identity Token belonging to the user that is currently logged in is provided to the
BlackBerry AppSecure SDK
validates this token against your identity provider's token introspection endpoint. This process avoids the need to rely on an application-specific API key.
You can use any identity provider as long as it is compliant with
OpenID Connect
( For more information, see Information about compliant IDPs.
If you don't have an identity provider, you can use
as your identity provider
When the IDP is registered, you are provided a
App Client ID which you add to your app.
  1. In your organization's
    Online Account, on the navigation menu, click
  2. Click your app.
  3. On the
    tab, in the
    Identity Provider
    section, do the following:.
    1. In the
      Discovery URL
      field, type the discovery URL of the identity provider.
    2. In the
      Client ID
      field, type the Authorized Client ID.
    No other fields are required.
  4. Click
    Register IDP
    A BlackBerry App Client ID is created.