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Enable hardware certificate attestation for 
BlackBerry Dynamics

  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click 
    Settings > General Settings > Attestation
  2. In the 
    Android hardware attestation frequency
     section, select the 
    Enable hardware patch level attestation challenges for Android devices
     checkbox. You can use the default settings and modify the frequency of hardware certificate attestation later. Save the settings.
  3. Create a new activation profile or edit an existing activation profile.
  4. On the 
     tab, in the 
    Hardware attestation options
     section, select the 
    Enforce attestation compliance rules during activation
     check box.
  5. Configure other settings in the activation profile as desired and save the profile. For more information about the settings, see "Create an activation profile" in the UEM Administration content.
  6. Assign the activation profile to user accounts and groups.
  7. Create and assign a 
     profile to user accounts and groups to enable the feature on users' devices. You can create a new 
     profile (Policies and profiles > Protection > CylancePROTECT) or use a 
     profile that you created previously. Note that currently there are no settings that you need to configure in the profile for hardware certificate attestation.