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Upload apps that you want to deploy using 
BlackBerry UEM

Malware scanning for 
 apps that you upload to the management console is enabled by default. If you want to turn off this feature, on the menu bar, navigate to 
Settings > CylanceProtect
, clear the 
Enable malware scanning for apps uploaded to UEM
 check box, and click 
When the feature is enabled, 
 will automatically perform a malware scan on any 
 app (including custom 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps) that you upload to the management console. No additional steps are required. If you want to prevent 
 from performing malware scanning for a specific app or for all apps that use a developer’s signing certificate, see Add an app or signing certificate to the approved app list.
After you upload an app, you can open the app details (
 tab) to view the status of the malware scan. An app that has been scanned and determined to be safe has a status of "Verified safe". An app has a status of "Unverified" if it has not been scanned, either because the feature was disabled, the app was on the approved app list, or the app was uploaded before the upgrade to 
 version 12.12 or before the 
UEM Cloud
 update that added support for 
. If a scan is in progress for a 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 app, the status is "Scanning". For apps with an Unverified state, you can initiate a malware scan by uploading the app again.
After an app has been scanned, you receive a notification with information about whether the app was identified as malware and whether it has been added to 
For more information about deploying internal apps from 
, see Steps to add internal apps to the app list in the 
 Administration content.