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Activate your Device and Install BlackBerry Work for Android using the UEM Client

10 Simple Steps to Get You Started

Screenshot of the BlackBerry UEM Client in GooglePlay

1. Install the UEM Client

In Google Play, search for and install the BlackBerry UEM Client.

Tip: If you previously installed the UEM Client and activated your device, you can skip to step 4.

Screenshot of the email and password activation screen

2. Start the activation

Open the UEM Client. Type your work email address, activation password, and if needed, the server address (your admin sends you this information).

Tap Activate my device.

Screenshot of UEM client password creation

3. Create a UEM Client password

During the activation, you’ll be asked to create a UEM Client password. You will use this password to activate BlackBerry Work and other BlackBerry Dynamics apps.

Wait for the activation to complete.

Screenshot of BlackBerry Work in the app catalog

4. Install BlackBerry Work

Open the UEM Client. Tap Assigned work apps and install BlackBerry Work.

Tip: Depending on how your admin set things up, you might get a prompt to accept and install BlackBerry Work automatically.

Screenshot of BlackBerry Work icon on the homescreen

5. Open BlackBerry Work

Screenshot of the permission screen

6. Allow BlackBerry Work to send notifications

Screenshot showing prompt to setup using UEM Client

7. Choose to set up using the UEM Client

Screenshot of UEM Client password prompt

8. Type your UEM Client password

This is the password that you created in step 3.

Screenshot of the account setup screen

9. Enter your username and password for your work mail server

Screenshot of the BlackBerry Work inbox

10. That's it!

Wait a few minutes for the activation to complete, then BlackBerry Work will synch up with your work email account. You’re good to go!


To learn more about using BlackBerry Work for Android, take a look at the BlackBerry Work for Android User Guide.