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BlackBerry Work for iOS

MSAL Authentication
(Beta): BlackBerry Work can now use the Microsoft Authentication Library for authentication and authorization.
Calendar improvement
: Users can add calendar widgets to their device, which allows them to quickly see their schedule.
Active Directory password expiration warning message
: For Active Directory users and user groups that use the PSO (Password Settings Object) method to set the maximum password age, you can configure the BEMS dashboard to allow users' BlackBerry Work apps to display a warning message when their Active Directory password is about to expire. By default, this feature is disabled. For more information, see the BEMS documentation.
New meeting time proposals
To use the new meeting time proposals feature, you must be using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 16.1 or later.
  • In the BlackBerry Work app configuration, you can enable an option that allows meeting invitees to send new meeting time proposals.
  • Users can propose new meeting times to event organizers.
  • Meeting organizers can review new meeting time proposals and either accept or propose a new meeting time.
  • When creating a meeting request, you can enable the Allow New Time Proposal option to allow meeting invitees to propose a new time for the meeting.
  • Meeting organizers can review new meeting time requests from their calendar.
Meeting request responses
: When a meeting organizer turns off the Request responses option in Microsoft Outlook, the meeting invitees no longer need to send a response to the meeting organizer.
Shared calendar
  • Shared account delegates can use the new meeting time proposal feature.
  • Shared account delegates can use the view schedules feature when they set up a meeting in a shared calendar.
New in this release pages
: The pages that describe the new features for a release are not displayed unless you enable the corresponding feature in the app configuration.
Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1
: BlackBerry Work now supports Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1 for EWS requests.
iOS 13
: BlackBerry Work for iOS no longer supports iOS 13.
iPad improvement
: When iPad users accept a proposed new meeting time, a confirmation message is displayed.
Text messaging
: When a user taps on a phone number, they can choose to send a text message to the number.
.ics files
: After a user imports an .ics meeting file and saves it to their calendar, any embedded images and HTML content is displayed when the user opens the meeting.
Folder changes
  • The Folders list section with quick access links has been renamed to Quick access.
  • On the Edit Quick Access screen, users can deselect all folders so they do not see the Quick access section in the Folders list.

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher

  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
  • BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher

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