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Fixed issues

When a delegate created an appointment in a shared calendar using
BlackBerry Work
, in
Microsoft Outlook
the appointment displayed as a meeting.  (FIRST-17580)
BlackBerry Work
users could not add a shared calendar after they were migrated from
Microsoft Exchange
2010 to
Microsoft Exchange
2016. (FIRST-17559)
Some users were not receiving
BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server
notifications when they received a new email message. (FIRST-17554)
BlackBerry Work
stopped responding when a user was using biometric authentication if the 'Rooted OS or failed Knox attestation' setting was enabled in the compliance policy. (FIRST-17545)
When using
Office 365
modern authentication,
BlackBerry Work
might have stopped responding when logging into
Office 365
after a device was first activated. (FIRST-17537)
BlackBerry Work
ignored the 'Clear the public certificate cache' setting. (FIRST-17529)
BlackBerry Work
might not have accepted a user's log in name or email address during log in. (FIRST-17504)
When a user added an attachment to an email message and then deleted the attachment, the user could not add the attachment again. (FIRST-17459)
BlackBerry Work
went into the background after being opened. (FIRST-17452)
Some users were locked out of their
Microsoft Active Directory
accounts after they changed their password. (FIRST-17227)
If users received multiple email notifications they could not open each of the email messages from the notification window. (G3ANDROID-19564)
When users changed from the dark theme and rotated the device to view files, the BlackBerry Work Docs app displayed the screen with both the light and dark themes. (G3DOCS-7275)