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BlackBerry Work for Android version

  • View schedule by month
    : When viewing their calendar, a user can tap a down arrow at the top of the screen beside the name of day or week to see a preview of their schedule by month. The schedule for any associated shared calendars also displays. Days with a blue bar represent the user’s calendar. Days with a grey bar represent a shared calendar. The user can tap on a day of the month to view their schedule for that day.
  • Sync draft folder
    : Administrators can set a policy in the app configuration that prevents a user from deselecting the Drafts folder which prevents it from being automatically synchronized.
  • Search email
    : The following improvements were made for searching email messages:
    • Words that a user searched for are highlighted in the search results.
    • Up to 10 recent searches are saved. Users can tap on entries in the Recent searches section of the Search page to quickly search for phrases that they have searched for previously. Users can edit their recent searches to remove phrases that are no longer relevant and to pin phrases that they want to use again.
  • Doze mode
    : When a device is in doze mode, calendar reminders still display.
  • Add attachments
    : Users can add attachments to meeting requests and manage attachments for existing meetings.
  • Convert email messages
    : Users can convert an email message that contains attachments to a calendar event.
  • Recurring meetings
    : The default setting for recurring meetings is no longer ‘No end date’.
  • Active Directory password expiration warning message (Beta feature)
    : Administrators can configure a warning message that displays for users when their Active Directory password is about to expire.
  • Android 7
    : BlackBerry Work no longer supports Android 7.

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, BlackBerry Launcher, and BlackBerry Analytics Versions

  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK:
  • BlackBerry Launcher:

Supported Upgrades

  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work

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