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BlackBerry Work for iOS

This release of
BlackBerry Work for iOS
features the following enhancements:
  • Disable out-of-office message
    : Administrators can use a policy rule to disable users from setting an out-of-office email message in BlackBerry Work.
  • S/MIME encrypted messages (Beta feature)
    : When users send S/MIME encrypted messages to distribution lists, BlackBerry Work will retrieve certificates from BEMS and then from Microsoft Exchange. If BlackBerry Work cannot find certificates for some of the recipients in the distribution list, a list of those recipients displays, and the user can remove them from the list and send the email message to the remaining recipients. Users can send S/MIME email messages to public distribution lists that contain a maximum of 100 email addresses. BEMS 3.1 is required to support this feature.
  • Mailbox migration
    : Administrators can migrate a user’s email mailbox from a local Microsoft Active Directory to Office 365. While the migration is taking place, a message displays to let the user know that the migration is occurring. Migration from systems that use different authentication methods is supported. For example, migration from Exchange 2010 using Basic Authentication to Office 365 using Modern Authentication/ADAL.
  • Add watermarks to BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled apps screens
    : Administrators can protect against data leakage by implementing an app policy that adds a watermark to the BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled apps (for example, BlackBerry Work, BlackBerry Work Docs, Contact, and Calendar). The watermark includes the username and the current date and time. This feature requires BlackBerry Work 3.2 or later that is running BlackBerry Dynamics SDK version 8.0 or later.
  • View certificate details
    : Users can tap on the “Signed by” field in a Signed/Encrypted email message to view the certificate details.
  • BlackBerry Persona
    : BlackBerry Intelligent Security has been renamed to BlackBerry Persona in Settings.
  • EAS 16.1 support
    : BlackBerry Work now supports Microsoft Exchange Active Sync 16.1.
  • Light mode
    : Now when a device is set to Dark mode, you can override the device settings and enable Light mode for BlackBerry Work.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2019
    : BlackBerry Work now supports Microsoft Exchange 2019.
  • Edit email improvements
    : Users can now enable a rich editing option that allows them to use formatting such as bold, italic, underline, change font size, and color when editing email messages.
  • Adding .ics file to email message improvements
    : When a user attaches an .ics file to a new email message, any attachments that are included with the .ics file are downloaded before they are added to the email message.
  • Windows Integrated Authentication
    : If you have Windows Integrated Authentication set up for internal connections, BlackBerry Work users can now enter their credentials in response to an ADAL authentication request.
  • Offline folder enhancements
    : BlackBerry Work Docs now supports marking folders for offline. When users add folders to or remove folders from offline, the files contained within the folders are added to and removed from offline, respectively. Administrators can designate files or folders to users’ offline folder. For administrators to designate a file or folder offline, BEMS 3.0 or later is required.
  • Support for PAC when viewing html files:
    BlackBerry Work Docs
    now supports viewing HTML files using PAC files.
  • Select multiple email messages
    : In the email list view, users can now select 500 email messages or select all email messages simultaneously. This enables users to quickly mark, move, or delete multiple email messages.
  • Drag and drop
    : When composing emails, users can drag and drop recipient to and from the To, CC, and BCC fields.

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher, and BlackBerry Analytics versions

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