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Steps to migrate existing on-premises users to 
Microsoft Outlook
 Online using modern authentication

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Createedit, or copy an existing 
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 Connectivity profile for the migrating users. Include the following information:
  • If the authentication server and 
    Microsoft Exchange Online
     must be accessed through the internal network, add the appropriate hosts to the Additional servers section.
    Microsoft Exchange Online
    Microsoft Office 365
    ) hosts include the following:
    • Microsoft's Content Distribution servers (for example, 
    Common Microsoft Exchange Online hosts:
  • If the authentication and 
    Microsoft Exchange Online
     can be accessed using the Internet, you can improve performance by specifying “Direct” when you add the authentication server and 
    Microsoft Office 365
     servers to the Additional servers list. 
     If your Default route is set to Direct, this is not required. 
For more information on how to configure the 
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Microsoft Exchange Online
 and modern authentication, visit to read article 64405.
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Create a new 
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 app configuration with the modern authentication settings. The new app configuration must include the following:
  • Same settings as the original app configuration as well as the modern authentication settings
  • Select the "Enable Flow Enabled" checkbox and set the expiration date to allow users to send and receive email messages during the migration. 
  • If your environment doesn't use Autodiscover, specify the ActiveSync Server and Exchange Web services URL endpoint fields.
  • If your environment is configured for 
     Constrained delegation or uses certificate-based authentication for the on-premises 
    Microsoft Exchange Server
     , but not for the modern authentication endpoint, clear the Security settings "Use Kerberos Constrained Delegation in place of login/password" and "Use client certificate in place of login/password" checkboxes or users are prompted for credentials.
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Assign the app configuration with the correct modern authentication settings to users. For instructions, see the content for your app:
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Migrate user mailboxes from your on-premises 
Microsoft Exchange
 server to 
Microsoft Exchange Online
After the migration completes, users receive a prompt to log in to their mailboxes. Wait while the 
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 apps trigger autodiscover and connect to the new mailbox location. The amount of time this takes depends on how many users have been migrated and how often 
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 is opened. Refer to the Last Contact Time and container activity report to estimate whether users have received the new mailbox configuration from autodiscover.