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View your calendar

  1. Tap The Launcher icon >
  2. Tap The Navigation drawer icon and do one of the following:
    • Tap
      to view a complete day.
    • Tap
      to view a week.
    • Tap
      to view a month.
    • Tap
      to view your calendar in chronological day-by-day list format.
  3. All of the calendars in your work email account are displayed. Tap the calendar you want to view.
    • In Week and Month view, tap a day of the week to open it in Day view.
    • In Agenda view, tap at the top or bottom of the list to view past or upcoming events.
  4. If you have
    BlackBerry Tasks
    installed, your calendar can also display a shortcut to tasks due on the current day in Day view. To enable this feature, turn on
    Show tasks preview
    in your calendar settings. To access your calendar settings, tap The Launcher icon > The Settings icon >
    . This feature requires
    BlackBerry Tasks
    2.1 or later.