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View an event

Tap a calendar event to view its details. Meeting invitations can also be accepted or declined. The event record will contain all the meeting information furnished by the Event Organizer, including required attendees, conference URLs and phone numbers, and important notes concerning the agenda and how to prepare.
For information about editing an event that you created, see Edit an event.
  1. Tap the event.
  2. If you haven't accepted or declined this invitation, you can see your available options at the top of the screen. Choose from 
    , or
    and then choose from
    Respond with comments
    Respond without comments
    , or
    Do not send a response
  3. If your device is a phone, tap the meeting teleconference number to dial. If the phone number contains a conference code, tap the phone number and then tap the conference code in the pop-up screen.
  4. To join a conference for sharing and collaboration, do one of the following:
    • If a web conference URL is provided that is supported by your device, tap to open it in the browser on your device.
    • If a
      Join meeting
      button is provided, tap it to open the associated conferencing app on your device. You might be asked to choose from a list of apps to use.
  5. Send an email to the other invitees by tapping the menu icon, then choosing between the options
    Email Organizer
    Email Attendees
    . Choose a quick response or the
    Write your own...
  6. Set or change when you want to be reminded of this meeting beforehand by tapping below
    , then select a new time by tapping it. Remove the reminder by tapping