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Add an event

  1. To add an event, do one of the following:
    • In the Calendar, tap The Add icon at the top of the screen.
    • In Day, Week, or Month view, tap the hour that you want an event to begin. Tap
      New event
    • Use the Quick Create Tool in the
      BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
      . For more information, see Use the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher.
  2. Tap the
    Event name
    field and enter a name.
  3. Turn on
    Add conference details
    to quickly add details to the meeting invitation.
  4. Under
    Participants and resources
    , tap
    Required guests
    and begin typing the name of the first person that you want to invite from your contacts. Select one of the matches that are listed. To invite a person who is not a contact or from an external organization, type their email address.
  5. Tap
    Optional guests
    to add participants that are not required to attend.
  6. Tap
    to enter telephone numbers, web conference URLs, and anything else necessary to support the event.
  7. Tap
    to set or change the start and end dates.
  8. Tap the times that are displayed to set or change the start and end times.
  9. Tap
    View Schedules
    to drag the event to different times in the
    BlackBerry Work
    calendar and find the best time for added participants. The availability of participants is indicated by changes to the color of their avatar. Time zone information for the invitees also displays.
    : If a user makes an update to their time zone information in Microsoft Outlook for Mac, BlackBerry Work does not detect the change and the incorrect time zone might display for that user in calendar events.
  10. In the
    Suggested Time
    area, you can tap a time for your meeting.
  11. Turn on
    All day
    to schedule the event for the full day.
  12. Tap below
    to set or change the frequency of the event.
  13. Tap the
    field and enter a location.
  14. Tap the time zone to change it. Enter the host country and choose a time zone option.
  15. Tap
    to set your personal alert interval.
  16. Tap
    Show me as
    and select from
    , or
  17. Tap
    and select
    , or
    . Default is the default setting for your work email account, either Private or Public. The setting you choose in
    BlackBerry Work
    overrides the default setting. Private means that only your contacts can see your presence information. Public means that everyone in your organization can see it.
  18. Turn on
    Allow New Time Proposal
    to allow meeting invitees to propose a new time for the meeting. Note that your administrator must enable this feature before you can use it.
  19. Tap
    Add attachments
    to add an attachment. You can take a picture, or add an existing file from the photo library or from Docs.
  20. Tap
    to add classifications, such as Internal or Confidential, to the event.
  21. Tap
    to add a caveat, such as Do not forward or Do not reply, to the event.
  22. Tap
    to add an agenda or other information, such as an image.
  23. When you are done, tap
The new event is added to your Calendar and invitations are sent to your invitees.