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BlackBerry Work for Android

  1. In the
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    , tap The Settings icon.
  2. Tap
  3. Tap either
    General settings
    or your personal account settings. By default, your personal account settings are labeled with your work email address.
    General Settings
    Confirm before deleting
    Specify whether to display a prompt to confirm deletion of an email.
    Confirm before sending
    Specify whether to display a prompt to confirm that you want to send an email.
    Specify whether the newer, older, or next message in a Conversation list is highlighted after you delete a message.
    Display embedded images
    Specify whether to display embedded images in messages.
    Show Avatar
    Specify whether the photo of the sender is displayed next to their name in a conversation list.
    Reply all
    Specify whether to reply to all recipients by default.
    Always BCC myself
    Specify whether you want to auto BCC yourself when you send messages.
    Swipe to delete
    Specify whether you can delete an email from the list by swiping left or right on the item.
    Organize by thread
    Specify whether to display email messages by common subject in chronological order.
    Use Custom Fonts
    Enables you to choose font size, style, and color for new mail and replies and forwarded mail.
    Hide Quoted Text
    Specify whether quoted text should be visible on replies and forwarded email.
    Email addresses to send from
    Specify which email address is the default address to send email messages from.
    Personal account Settings
    Account name
    Specify your account name for Email, Calendar and Contacts. By default, this is your email address, but you can change it to anything you want.
    Your name
    Specify the formal name that will appear in the address field of email messages.
    Quick responses
    Edit the phrases that you frequently use in messages so you can conveniently choose them from the work or spelling suggestion bar that is displayed above the keyboard.
    Go to trash folder
    Open the Trash folder, where you can sort, order, and empty the trash.
    Sync Frequency
    Choose how often you want to synchronize
    BlackBerry Work
    on the device with your work account. Choose Auto-sync for continuous synchronization. Choose Manual sync for sync at start up. Choose Push sync to use
    Firebase Cloud Messaging
    synchronization. Otherwise choose to sync every 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
    Days to sync
    Specify the length of time to synchronize
    BlackBerry Work
    on the device with your work account. Note: The user can only choose this option if the
    Email Sync Window
    app setting in BlackBerry UEM or Good Control is also set to
    No limit
    Auto download attachments
    Specify whether to automatically download attachments to recent messages when a
    network is available and connected. You can also turn on the
    Cellular auto download
    option to allow downloads when connected to a cellular network.
    Incoming settings
    Set or change username, password, and other incoming server settings. Change Incoming settings at your own risk, and only if you are instructed by your administrator. Incorrect settings can disable access to your work account.
    Disable connection caching
    Specify whether you want to reset your connection pool information after every use. It is recommended that you do not turn this setting on because it will decrease performance.
    Always allow new time proposal
    Specify whether you want to allow users to propose new times for meetings.
  4. Tap The Settings icon >
    Calendar > General settings
    General Settings
    Hide declined events
    Hide the events that you’ve declined from displaying in your calendar.
    Show week number
    Display the week of the year in your calendar.
    Shaw tasks preview
    If you have BlackBerry Tasks installed, your calendar can also display a shortcut to tasks that are due on the current day in the day view.
    Week starts on
    Choose the day of the week to display as the first day of the week in your calendar.
    Choose which days display as the workdays for the week in your calendar.
    Week View
    Display the entire week.
    Clear search history
    Remove all the searches that you’ve performed.
    Conference Details
    Add a conference room link and conference room details. Optionally, you can add an image.
    Auto download attachments
    Automatically download email message attachments.
    Cellular auto download
    Automatically download email message attachments using cellular data.