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Managing sounds and notifications

Using Sounds and Notifications on the Settings screen, you can adjust your email and calendar notification settings.
You can set notification behavior for general and VIP email, and set rules for push notification alerts to let you know who an email is from and that it's been marked "Important." You can also set notification rules for specific contacts.
The behavior of alerts is different when your client is authenticated (for example, you've entered your password after
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launches and the app is synchronizing) than when it is not authenticated (for example, your
BlackBerry Work
app is closed or has been launched but not authenticated). These differences can be summarized as follows:
  • When your device is not authenticated, one alert sound is played when the notification arrives, and the notification is displayed.
  • A sound synchronizes with the notification. The notification is displayed only when your Inbox is not visible.
Sounds and Notifications rules determine how important an email is. If an email rule matches an incoming email, or the incoming email is from a sender designated as a VIP in Contacts, the incoming message is marked VIP. VIP Contacts are checked for after email rules are checked:
  • Importance is set on each incoming email.
  • Importance is recalculated on every email if email rules change or you change your VIP contacts.
  • Importance is recalculated when the client authenticates.
  • Notifications support multiple sounds. Only unique sounds will play.
  • If a notification is showing and new email messages arrive, only unique sounds for the new messages are played. Unique sounds play once each minute.