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BlackBerry Work for Android version

This release of BlackBerry Work for Android features the following enhancements:
Event classifications
  • Administrators can specify whether to allow users to set event classifications in the BlackBerry Work app configuration settings.
  • Users can add classifications and caveats to events that they create. The classifications and caveats display in the subject field of the event.
  • Users can view classifications in the details of an event that they’ve been invited to. Note that active classifications are displayed in blue, and users can’t edit any of the classifications.
  • When you convert an email message to an event, any email classifications are also included in the event invitation. Note that the classifications are editable.
  • Event organizers can edit the classifications of an event after they create it.
Calendar updates
  • When users open an .ics file from an email message and add it to their calendars, any information in the Notes section of the file, including HTML formatting, and images, are added to the event.
  • Users can add images to the Notes section of calendar events.
  • Users can now view external calendar events in the Agenda view.
Email updates
  • When there is no valid certificate for an email message, users cannot open the message and a warning is displayed that the message is not accessible.
  • Users can copy an image from the clipboard and paste it into an email message.
Sending feedback updates
  • It is now easier for users to upload log files and attach diagnostic reports to email messages.
  • Users can now save diagnostics reports to their BlackBerry Docs repository.

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and BlackBerry Launcher versions

  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK:
  • BlackBerry Launcher:

Supported Upgrades

  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work
  • BlackBerry Work > BlackBerry Work

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