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Turn on Battery Saver

  1. To use the Battery Saver feature, tap  the launcher icon  >  The Settings icon .
  2. In the 
     section, tap 
    Battery Saver
    Battery Saver
    Turn on Battery Saver.
    Battery saving mode reduces power consumption by disabling some app features. When it is turned on, the Download Entire Message Content, Show Avatar, Sync Contact Groups, and Show Presence switches are unavailable.
    1. Slide the 
      Battery Saver
       option to On.
    2. Tap 
      Sync Frequency
       and select Auto-sync for continuous sync, Manual Sync, or specify how often sync is to take place. If you select Manual Sync, synchronization occurs only when you log in or out or when you manually request synchronization.
    3. To turn off the Show Avatar setting, turn off the 
      Show Avatar
    4. Turn on the 
      Enable auto-sync for Contact Group 
      switch to have synchronization occur when the app is in the foreground.
    5. To turn off the Show Presence setting, turn off the 
      Show Presence