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Edit a calendar event

  1. To edit a scheduled event for which you are the organizer, tap the event to open it.
  2. Tap  the menu icon , then tap 
    Edit Event
  3. If this is a recurring event, select either of the following two options:
    • Tap 
      Change only this event
       to modify a single occurrence.
    • Tap 
      Change all events in the series
       to modify all occurrences.
  4. To change the start date, end date, or both, tap a date field and select a new date. Tap the left and right arrows to change months.
  5. Change the start or end time or both by tapping the respective field, then:
    • Drag the hand on the clock to the new hour and minute.
    • Change to AM or PM by tapping it.
  6. Tap 
     to save your changes.