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Create email rules

You can create rules for push notification alerts to notify you when you receive an email that is marked important or from a specific user or group. Rules associate a particular sound with a type of sender that you define.
  1. Tap  The Launcher icon  >  The Settings icon .
  2. In the 
    Sounds and Notifications
     section, tap 
  3. Tap 
  4. Tap  the Add icon  in the top right corner.
  5. Enter the name of the rule.
  6. Under 
    1. To filter by sender email, tap in the 
      Sender email
       field and type one or more sender emails.
    2. To set the importance filter, slide the 
      High Importance
       switch to On. 
    3. To filter by keywords, tap in the 
      Subject keyword
       field and type one or more keywords.
  7. Tap 
    Mail sound
     and select the sound to use.
  8. To show a notification light when you receive an email, slide the 
    Pulse notification light
     option to On.
  9. To set the phone to vibrate when you receive an email, slide the 
     option to On.
  10. Tap 
  • To edit an existing rule, tap on its name in the rules list.
  • You can slide the switch for a rule off; when you do so, notifications for that rule do not appear on the locked screen and in the notification center.
  • Tap  The Edit icon  in the rules list to select multiple rules for deletion.