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Work with offline files

Your Offline Files repository contains a copy of FileShare and 
Microsoft SharePoint
 files that you can work on without an Internet connection. Offline Files are displayed with  The Offline icon  for easy identification.
  1. To add a file to your Offline Files repository, tap  The Menu icon  beside the file and tap 
    Add to Offline
    . Protected files cannot be added to to the Offline Files repository. 
  2. Tap  The Navigation Drawer icon  > 
    Offline Files
    The Offline icon  appears beside the file. Tip: In an open file, you can tap  The Menu icon  > 
    Add to Offline
  3. To remove a file from your Offline Files, tap  The Menu icon  beside the file and tap 
    Remove from Offline
    . The copy is deleted. The latest online version of the file is unaffected.