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BlackBerry Work

  1. Tap  The Launcher icon  >  The Docs icon . Docs opens in the area last visited. 
  2. To access your different Docs sources, tap  The Navigation Drawer icon .
  3. Tap a source to access its current contents. Current source options can include the following:
    • Local Docs
      : Files stored in your device's secure container
    • Pick from Gallery
      : Photos and images from the native Gallery on your device
    • Take a picture
      : A picture taken with your device camera and stored locally 
    • File Share
      : Files in a secure enterprise file share to which you have been granted access
    • SharePoint/BOX/other repositories
      : Files available from enterprise SharePoint, Box, or other document repository sites to which you have been granted access
    • Recent Locations
      : Files and folders that you have used recently
    • Offline Files
      : Files from a shared folder that you added to this folder to work on offline. Protected files cannot be marked offline.
    • Bookmarks
      : Files that you bookmarked
    • Pending Uploads
      : Files you imported and/or worked on offline that are waiting to be uploaded to a File Share or