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Create an email

BlackBerry Work
, you can open a new email from your inbox or another mailbox, from Contacts, or from Calendar.
  1. From your Inbox or any folder, tap  The Compose icon . From your Contacts, tap a recipient's email address.
  2. Tap the 
     field and type a recipient's name. As you type, 
    BlackBerry Work
     suggests names from your Contacts and your organization's Global Address List (GAL). Note that your Outlook personal distribution lists can also be supported. Tap the  The Remove icon  beside a name to exclude it from future suggestions.
  3. Tap  The Expand icon  > 
    Add Cc/Bcc
     to add recipients.
  4. Tap the 
     field to enter the subject line of your email.
  5. Optionally, tap  The Menu icon  > 
     Attach file
     to include an attachment. You can attach image files from the Photo library and document files from Docs on your device, or you can take a picture with the device camera and attach the photo. Attachments are listed to the right of the Subject field. To remove an attachment, tap the attachment and tap the  The Remove icon .
  6. Tap in the body of the email to compose your message.
  7. Tap a word to add it to the dictionary, delete it, or accept a spelling suggestion from a drop-down list.
  8. To open formatting options, do the following: 
    1. Tap and hold a word to select it.
    2. Drag the left or right handles to expand or narrow your selection.
    3. In the toolbar, tap 
      Select All
      , or 
      . (These options may be disabled by your administrator.)
    4. Tap 
      , or 
       to apply bold, italic, or underline the selection. Tap an option again to remove the formatting.
      If the formatting toolbar does not appear automatically, tap  the formatting icon . Tap the icon again to hide the toolbar.
  9. When your message is complete, tap  the Send icon .