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Reply to or forward an email message

When you reply to an email message, the sender of the original message is automatically added in the To field. When you use Reply All, a message is created and addressed to the sender and any additional recipients of the original message. You can change the default reply option in the 
BlackBerry Work
 Settings. You can change the recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. You can tap  The Expand icon  to display these fields. When you forward a message, the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes are empty and you must enter at least one recipient.
  1. In the email that you want to reply to, tap  The Reply icon  or tap  The Menu icon  > 
    Reply All
    Add flag
    Invite to meeting
    Report phishing
    Convert to task
    , or 
    Report quoted text problem
  2. Swipe up and tap the check box beside 
     to hide or display the discussion thread.
  3. If you want to type in the body of the discussion, swipe up and tap 
     . If the discussion thread display has been disabled, it will be re-enabled.
  4. Tap  The Formatting icon  to display a rich-text formatting toolbar. The toolbar opens at the top of the keyboard. It allows bold, italics, underline, indentation, bullets, numbered lists, and justification formatting for the text. Swipe right to scroll the toolbar.
  5. To add an attachment, tap  The Menu icon  > 
    . If you forward a message that includes attachments, you can specify which attachments to include in the message. You can also tap  The Menu icon  > 
    Add links
     to attach a link to one of your 
    BlackBerry Docs
     files. This opens 
    BlackBerry Work
     Docs so that you can choose a file stored in your device's secure container. For more information, see Managing your documents.
  6. Optionally, tap  The Menu icon  and perform any of the following actions: 
    • Save a draft of the message.
    • Set a priority for the message. The options are High, Low, or None.
    • Invite the recipient to a meeting.
    • Discard the message.
    • Display email settings.
    • Insert a quick response. The options are "Thanks!"; Sounds good to me!"; "I'll read this later and get back to you."; "Let's set up a meeting to discuss this." 
  7. After you compose your message, tap  the Send icon .