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Fixed issues

When a user added an attachment to an email message and then deleted the attachment, the user could not add the attachment again. (FIRST-17139)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ devices kept rebooting when you were trying to provision a BlackBerry Dynamics app. (FIRST-17123)
On OnePlus and Redmi devices, in certain circumstances, BlackBerry Work would get stuck in an authentication loop. (FIRST-17108) 
When a user was composing an email message, and their device was using dark theme, the suggestion bar displayed as a white blank box in the body of the email message. (FIRST-17092)
HTML content in tables now displays correctly. (FIRST-17091)
BlackBerry Work
 for Android can now send encrypted messages successfully when the recipient certificate is expired or cached. (FIRST-17079)   
HTML content that used a formatting style that was specified in the CSS now displays correctly. (FIRST-17039)
When a device was using dark theme, the body of an email message displayed with a white background. (G3ANDROID-20993)
When a user replied to or forwarded an email message, the text in the email might have displayed in red font. (G3ANDROID-20818)
BlackBerry Work
 would sometimes stop responding during authentication. (G3ANDROID-20555)
BlackBerry Work
 continues to respond when handling non-conforming avatar images. (G3ANDROID-20548)
The correct number of unread email messages now displays in BlackBerry Work. (G3ANDROID-20534)
If fingerprint authentication is not configured on a Samsung Note 10 device but fingerprint authentication is enabled in the security policy, then BlackBerry Work can be activated on the device. (G3ANDROID-20379)