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Changing your app settings

  1. In the
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    tap The Settings icon.
  2. To change your app settings, complete any of the following tasks:
    Edit your account information.
    Change synchronization interval.
    1. Tap
    2. Tap
      Sync Frequency
    3. Select how often you want to synchronize your tasks from
      Microsoft Outlook
    BlackBerry Tasks
    to continue synchronizing with
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    even when it is dismissed from the running app grid.
    1. Tap
    2. Slide the
      Enable Persistent Sync Service
      option to On.
    Change Swipe Actions.
    1. Tap
      Swipe Actions
    2. Set left and right swipes on tasks or flagged emails to one of the following options:
      • No action
      • Delete
      • Set due date
      • Set priority
      • Set start date
      • Toggle completed state
    Change Sounds & Notifications.
    1. Tap
      Sounds & Notifications
    2. Perform any of the following tasks:
      • Notifications
        - slide the switch to turn notifications on or off.
      • Tap
        Reminder sound
        to change the audible reminder for tasks.
      • Pulse notification light
        - slide the switch to turn the notification light on or off.
      • Vibrate
        - slide the switch to enable or disable a vibration notification. 
    Change your password.
    Change application password
    You can only change the password if you are not authenticating this app using another app’s password.