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Create a task

  1. Tap The Compose icon
  2. Enter a name for the task. 
  3. Tap The Expand icon beside 
    Dates and reminders
     to set optional start and due dates, reminder, and recurrence.
  4. To set a start or due date, tap 
    No start date or No due date
     beside The Calendar icon. Defaults are No start date and No due date. Tap the Exit icon to clear the current settings and set new start and dues date.
  5. To set a reminder, tap 
    No reminder
     beside The reminder_icon. Choose a day and time of day for the reminder to be displayed on your device home screen. The default setting is 
    No Reminder
    Your administrator can block reminder notifications or specify whether a generic message is displayed for the reminder.
  6. To set a recurrence, tap 
    Does not repeat
     beside The Recurrence icon. Specify whether the task recurs daily or weekly and the duration or number of occurrences. The default setting is 
    Does not repeat
  7. To set a priority and specify a category, tap The Expand icon beside 
    Priority and categories
    . Perform any of the following actions: 
    • To set a priority, tap The Normal priority icon beside the current setting. Select a priority level.
    • To specify a category, tap The Category Icon and type the name of the category. Tap the Exit icon to remove the category.
  8. In the 
     field, type any notes about the task. 
  • Specify notifications in the 
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher